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(Er, I'm new to LiveJournal and this group, so I don't exactly know how this whole thing works)
 I'd really like to get into Lolita fashion, particularly gothic and classic lolita. But all I really have are a pair of black Mary Janes. I have a few articles of clothing that have some characteristics in common with Lolita, but nothing that could actually be considered Lolita. And buying things online seems to be the only option, which is a problem because I don't have a job. I do save up allowances and such for things I really want, so I could eventually buy the things I want, but my mom doesn't like for me to buy things online, even when it's my own money I'm spending. 

It's nearly impossible to find Lolita stuff in regular clothing stores. Costume stores are as close as I can get around here, but the clothes are... rather obviously costume, and I definitely don't want to be an Ita-Loli.

I'm currently looking around and buying some simple fabrics and patterns to possibly make my own. I can sew fairly well, it's just that I've never been any good with a sewing machine (and I don't actually have one anymore). 

I wish Lolita was more of a mainstream fashion so that all of us who live in the middle of nowhere and can't buy much online could get what we want. Imagine a store (with physical locations, not just online) with the same level of popularity as Hot Topic that specialized in all types of Lolita! 
Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do? It seems making my own stuff or buying online are the only options. And that's alright, just more difficult. Are there any particularly good places I should be looking (online of IRL) for either clothing to alter or just fabric and stuff??
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Does anyone know anything about USAGI13CHAN?

I am sick of chasing after her.
I made an attention post a while ago, but I would like to try again. All I want is my rocking horse shoes.
I know she has been active online on other sites, I just can;t get a hold of her.
If anyone could help me contact her, or provide some contact details, I'd really appreciate that!

as you can see here: (

She has not replied to my messages regarding the sale, I paid her already and she has not sent out the shoes, it has been several months.

I purchased the shoes in November 2011!
I still haven't received them...

The last contact was 9 weeks ago, she promised to send out the shoes first week of 2011. now it is the 15th of FEB 2011 and I have not heard from her at all.

If anhyone knows her, please can you tell her to send out my shoes and give me a tracking number?

Thankyou so much!


Hello all ^_^
I was wondering if there is anyone who lives in the Charlestown or Martinsburg area.

Here's a little bit about me:
Name: Heather
Age: 21
Style: mostly sweet, but I also like the classic and victorian looks
Location: Shenandoah Junction, WV (like trains? cause I'm surrounded by them)
Likes: YA novels, anime, manga, cats, ferrets, lots of movies, and libraries
Dislikes: dishonest people, going underwater, the ghetto/hipster look, and bald heads
How did you find out about Lolita? From my friend Kim, cons, and the Gothic & Lolita Bible
What made you want to be a Lolita? I've always liked girly things and little girl clothes. Plus, it makes me feel refined.
What is your favorite lolita thing that you own / would like to own? My first lolita JSK from bodyline. It's the grayish purple one with the music notes all over it. ^_^
Where do you buy from the most? bodyline

Loli Meet Up via Pre-Tsubasacon Party?

Okay, so last meet up only two people were in loli 'cause everyone is busy, so as I was looking at the Tsubasacon forums, I noticed that they're having a party-like shinding and figured since it'll be during the summer, more people could make it! Information from the Tsubasacon forums:

"Location: Ritter Park, Huntington, WV. We'll probably put signs out where we're going to be exactly. It's going to be close to where the tennis courts are. It's hidden, so those who are timid on cosplaying in public won't have to be.

Time: High noon!

Date: June 19th. I'll be posting the official event on Facebook.

Cosplay: YES. It's optional, of course, but we will be doing photoshoots while we're there.

Cost?: All you have to do is bring yourself and a plate a food. Think of it as a family reunion! I might need some people to bring chairs or such, but for now, food and drinks would be great. Friends as well!

If you have anymore questions, contact me at! See you there.

So, why not? ^-^ I'll be going for sure~
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